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Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Roger Pearson.  I've owned and managed businesses for over 50 years, but for over two decades now - as a Master Tax Advisor and IRS Enrolled Agent -  I've been helping small business people correct the errors that they made (or the tax preparers, accountants or CPAs they hired made) that increased the amount they had to pay in taxes - sometimes recovering thousands of dollars.
My real passion has always been teaching and business, which is why I have enjoyed showing people what they need to know to run their business more efficiently.  But after watching 20 years of people losing money, I've become frustrated that I couldn't reach people before they made the mistakes that cost them so much.  That's why I have created online courses, consulting options and more.  To reach the people that need to know how to properly put together any business.  To help the ones that are willing to accept it.
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Protecting My Business

Learn the three pillars of business that protect your profits and personal assets!


In this college level course, find out how choosing the correct legal format, organizing your paperwork the right way, and deciding on the proper tax treatments all work together to create a solid foundation that will give you the best chance to build a business that will last a lifetime!
I want to see you succeed!
Let me give you an example.  During the 2021 tax season, I had a new client who had decided to forgo his employee status and work as an independent contractor for his employer.  And while the money earned was more, he did not fully understand the implications of working for himself.  After explaining the legal and tax requirements (the stuff in this course), I asked him how much was he projected in 2021. 
When he told me, I explained that he would be paying over 40% of that money in various taxes and he was lucky we don't live in a state that has state tax on top of that!
I proceeded to tell him the structural and paperwork changes he needed to make to protect his profits.  He listened to me and make the changes.  When he came in to do his taxes for 2021 during the 2022 tax season, I figured his taxes both ways.  Because he followed my advice, he was able to save over $9,000 in taxes.
Helping people is what I LOVE to do and why I did all of the work in putting together this course.  I want to help as many people as possible to build profitable businesses.


The Three Pillars of Every Business Are:

Laying Your Foundation Organizing Your Business Reducing Your Taxes

Pillar One:
Laying Your Foundation

The legal format of your business not only determines how much money you get to keep in your pocket, it can also protect your personal assets from lawsuits.

Pillar Two:
Organizing Your Business

How you organize your paperwork allows you to know your profit at any given time, so you can make adjustments quickly to stay ahead of your competition - and take less time doing it.

Pillar Three:
Reducing Your Taxes

Knowing how to use the tax laws to keep more of your hard earned money is what successful businesses do and you can use the same techniques they do - if you want to learn them.



What You're Getting Inside The Complete
Protecting My Business Training Course:

Protecting My Business is a 4-Module, Step-by-Step Video Training Course that walks you through the steps to properly set up your small business to maximize profits and reduce liabilities AND provides the support you need to implement it for Your business!
-24/7 Instant and Lifetime Access (including all updates).
-Personal Consulting to adapt all of this knowledge to your type of business.
-Literally step-by-step video training providing you all of your options!
-Membership in a growing community of small business people to support you and encourage you along the way!


Module 0: Course Introduction
To get the most value out of this course, we have put together some videos to help you achieve that.
Module 0.1: Welcome to the Course
Module 0.2: What Every Business Person Needs to Know
Module 0.3: The Official Course Tour
Module 0.4: Do It Yourself vs Outsourcing
Module 0.5: The PMB Community Forum

Course Introduction

Laying Your Foundation


Module 1: Laying Your Foundation
Your legal format can change as your business grows. A good business person knows all of them to create a future roadmap.
Module 1.1: The Importance of Legal Formats
Module 1.2: Sole Proprietorships
Module 1.3: Partnerships
Module 1.4: Limited Liability Companies
Module 1.5: C Corporations
Module 1.6: S Corporations
Module 1.7: What's Best for You
Module 2: Organizing Your Business
The worst thing you can do is throw everything into a shoebox. You need to know how to organize yourself and why it is important to your future.
Module 2.1: Nobody Likes Paperwork
Module 2.2: Definitions and Planning
Module 2.3: Organizing Your Paperwork
Module 2.4: Chart of Accounts
Module 2.5: Creating Reports
Module 2.6: Hiring Help
Organizing Your Business
Reducing Your Taxes
Module 3: Reducing Your Taxes
Business taxes can be one of the most complicated parts of running a business. The legal format will determine how much tax you will owe and on the flip-side, the tax laws can restrict how much you can save depending on your legal format.  Knowing the pros and cons of each could save you thousands of dollars.
Module 3.1: Introduction to Business Taxes
Module 3.2: Sole Proprietors, Home Office & Estimated Taxes
Module 3.3: Standard Mileage vs Actual Expenses
Module 3.4: Basis
Module 3.5: Partnerships & Qualified Joint Ventures
Module 3.6: Depreciation
Module 3.7: C Corporation Taxation
Module 3.8: S Corporation Taxation
Module 3.9: Electing How to be Taxed
Module 3.10: State Considerations 



Making the Decision to Invest in Yourself is as Easy as 1..2..3!


Check Out Which Option is Best for You!


Misunderstood Deductions: One of the most misunderstood business deductions and yet one of the best deductions revolves around vehicle expenses.  Nine times out of ten, people starting out on their first attempt at building a business don't understand the type of paperwork necessary to fully take advantage of this money-saving tax deduction.

Then there are other people who try to take the vehicle expense deduction, only to find out that because of the way they structured their business, they are not allowed to deduct these expenses.  And this is important, because it is one of the primary things the IRS looks at during an audit - and never make the mistake of thinking your are too small a fish to be picked for an audit.  (I've had to represent a lot of one-person businesses in audits.)

This particular part of the tax code really is a good example of how your legal structure, paperwork requirements and tax law work together to determine how much money you can save - and why we have devoted the entire Module 3.3 to the subject.

Here are a few things that can happen by not knowing the information in this course
  • Your personal assets can be taken to satisfy your business debts in your business is not structured properly.
  • The IRS will disallow some of your BEST tax deductions is you don't structure your paperwork in a certain way.
  • Bankers and investors want to see reports written properly if they are going to invest to take your business to the next level.
  • The IRS has begun targeting small businesses for tax audits because they fail to report basis properly.
  • You need to be asking the right questions when choosing an accountant or tax professional to put on your team or it could cost you a lot of money.
  • You need to know how to put your business on a solid footing so it can survive during a recession.  (The Federal government is not a friend of the small business person.)
  • And these are just the highlights of what you can lose if you don't get the right business education and support system!


Alicia P
"I had the opportunity to review the chapters from this course...I was amazed at the amount of information and the simplicity of the material that was covered. I do recommend this course to anyone who is planning to go into any type of business, and wants to be successful.
It was well worth the cost!"
-- Alicia P -  Senior Tax Advisor
Being a new business owner, I found myself struggling with almost everything. Thankfully, a friend of mine told me about this course and how it can provide clarity to the do’s and don’ts in business. It taught me how I can make my business successful and keep it successful. It provided direction and correction and I highly recommend it. We are always learning in life, so why not educate ourselves in the satisfaction you get in creating a successful business.
-- Jacqueline Ferreiras - Small Business Owner
Another example of things to watch out for.

If you have decided to join a partnership or S corporation, you need to keep track of your basis. Why? Because you can't take losses in excess of basis and the IRS knows that thousands of people are violating this rule. In fact, they are so concerned about what they consider "evasion of taxes", a lot of that money Congress just gave them is going to finding the people abusing this rule. You can find all about basis in Module 3.4.


Manuel Perez
"I am so thankful that I found this course when I was starting my business.  There were so many things I had not taken into consideration, but now I have a roadmap for building my business that I am sure will prevent making a lot of mistakes in the future."
--Manny Perez


"My opinion for anyone who is considering starting a business is to first read “The Protecting My Business Course”.  This course has several modules that contain a wealth of information that will have never crossed your mind. Secure your plan and know your options and safety before you even register your business. Some important modules contained in the workbook are : Formation, Organizing, Tax Benefits, etc, etc. I would strongly recommend that everyone MUST consider getting “The Official Protecting My Business Course” before establishing your business.  It has opened my eyes & knowledge in establishing & conducting business in a safe & proper manner."
-- Monika P - IRS Enrolled Agent


Unintended Results: 

I often talk to married couples who decided to work together to open and operate a business.  To protect themselves, they created an LLC at the state level and started their business.   What they didn't realize is that they, by default, have created a partnership and are now subject to all of the rules and restrictions of that legal format.  This includes additional tax forms to fill out and restrictions on deductions that can be taken.  That's just one reason why it is so important to know a basic knowledge of all the legal and tax requirements of each business format to find out which one is best for you before you make a mistake that could cost you thousands. You'll find out about this in Module 3.1.


"OK, How Much is My Investment?"

That's really the wrong question to ask What you should be asking yourself is "What is this information going to save me over the course of the life of my business."  Most people will save many times more than the cost of this course in just the first year.

Now, you may be saying, "I'll just hire an accountant and tax professional to do everything for me."  And as you become successful, that's something you absolutely should do.  But, without knowing this information, you will never know how much money you lose by mistakes they may be making!  I've seen this hundreds of times over the last two decades.

If you're like me, you want to keep as much of what you earn in your own pocket and the only solution is to MASTER the knowledge yourself.

And you can master my ENTIRE Protecting My Business course for easy monthly payments or pay in full and save a lot!

Plus, I have a 30-Day, no questions asked MoneyBack GUARANTEE!


Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 30 Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

I don't want unhappy members. After viewing our video lessons and Bonus items - if you don't believe this information will help you structure your business better to keep more money in your pocket and you don't want to take advantage of the virtual coaching or community forum, then simply email requesting a full refund!.


And to Make Your Journey Easier, I've Included These Bonus Items!

Bonus 1: Legal Format Comparison Chart
To help you follow along with the differences between the business legal formats, I created this nifty comparison chart that you can download and print out as you go through the course. - A $47 Value
Legal Format Comparison Chart


State Contact Information


Bonus 2: State Contact Information
Sometimes trying to navigate through the state websites is enough to pull your hair out.  So, I decided to do the work for you.  Here is a list of all the Department of State and Department of Revenue Sites you need to go to and get the information on your state requirements. - $97 Value
Bonus 3: Reconstructing Your Records
The goal of record reconstruction is to use the available documentation to create a sound and reasonable estimate of the taxpayer’s business income and expenses to support the tax forms being prepared.  This download provides the process to use to accomplish that. - A $147 Value
Reconstructing Your Records


And two three more bonuses that I don't have time to mention here!


Take Advantage of This Opportunity  to Secure the Future of Your Business!

Open Enrollment is only offered a few times a year so that we can do a better job supporting our students. 

Make sure you can still get a spot in our current class and commit yourself to building a better life.


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